About us


About Cornwall Tourism Office

First, we love Cornwall and think it is the best place in the UK  to live or visit.

We are an online only tourism information service bringing all of Cornwall together in 2019 and for the future, to provide the most comprehensive resource of information and services to both Visitor and Resident.

Our long-term aim is to ensure that the Cornwall itself benefits from tourism, and in doing so provides the visitor with the best experience of the heritage, culture, beauty and fun that is Cornwall. To that extent we are a socially focused business and will help projects within Cornwall, to develop anything that promotes those aims or supports the people that make up Cornwall.

We know that Cornwall is without doubt, the jewel in the UK’s tourism crown, worth visiting for so many reasons and for all interests. We are developing the best resource to showcase that.

Please note that as a very environmentally conscientious business, we do not supply ‘leaflets’ and believe that websites can give you a much better picture.

Our vision is that this should be at a truly affordable rate for all businesses and therefore supply the visitor or resident with all the information available. We believe we are ‘Now’ and building for Cornwall’s  future.

Not only are we the largest directory of accommodation and tourism related businesses, we also provide the largest Events section in our ‘What’s on’ category.

Even more unique is that we are creating the first ‘all of Cornwall’ online store, ‘ByCornwall’ for everything designed, made, grown, and sold in Cornwall (coming very, very soon). Alongside this will be the exciting ‘Cornwall Art House’ online artist’s gallery and sales room.

Cornwall Tourism Office
is unique, big, exciting, for ‘Now’ and for ALL of Cornwall, Visitor, Resident and Businesses. With that eye on the future, the site has been perfectly optimised to be viewed in the massively growing mobile market.

Most importantly, we are aiming to put as much back into Cornwall as we can. We intend to use profits on projects we have identified that can help the people of Cornwall as well as adding a tourism jobs board to the site. We believe that tourism can help all of Cornwall when developed correctly and we aim to lead the way. When Cornwall benefits from tourism, then so do our visitors and guests.

If you are a visitor, welcome and thank you for choosing Cornwall Tourism Office for your information supplier. We are glad you are joining us in helping develop Cornwall’s future.

If you are a business, join us in securing the future of Cornwall. Claim you Free listing, Complete your listing,  and be part of Cornwall’s move forwards and upwards.

Again Welcome and enjoy Cornwall!