Business Listing Info

Claiming/Editing a Listing, Submit a New Listing, Upgrade a Listing (Not Events)

Important. Please check the Listing Options at the bottom of the page.

If you do not have a listing, please register here, and the follow this: Submit Listing link.
If you Do have a listing, please do not register.


Claim a Listing:
If you want to claim your listing, please search for and go to your listing.
On the top right of your listing page, there is a claim listing link.
Click and enter your details.
Once your claim has been verified you will receive by email, instructions and login details.

After your claim has been verified you will be able to Edit it or Upgrade to a Premium Listing (£23 per year)
You will be automatically registered when you claim a listing.

Edit a Listing:
If you just wish to ‘Edit’ your listing, add basic information and correct any errors, sign in and click on your name at the bottom of any page. Then click on ‘Edit’ and follow the instructions here: Edit

Upgrade a Listing:
If you wish to upgrade to a premium listing sign in and click on your name at the bottom of any page. Then select Upgrade, pay the upgrade charge and then you will be able to ‘Edit’ your new premium listing. Follow the instructions here: Upgrade

Submit a New Listing:
If you wish to Submit a New Listing, please click on the link here and follow the instructions. Submit

Listing Options (Note, Event Listings have different Options. Info here: Event Listing Options)

Standard Free Listing.
Listed in a single category of your choice.
Excerpt – 100 characters
Description – 250 characters
No Images
No Booking link button (Accommodation only)
Contact Details

Premium Listing (Upgrade)
Listed in up to 4 categories of your choice
Excerpt (Extended) – 250 characters
Description (Extended) – 2000 characters
20 x Images gallery
Featured Image in Category results
Booking Button link (Accommodation only)
Contact Details
Extended feature details including Tripadvisor Rating
(It’s a good idea to put in ‘Cornwall’ once or twice in your description.)
Yearly Charge £23 (Normally £38)
Optional Feature listing:
Choose the ‘Feature’ option to appear on the top section of the listings on Category page for 30 days.

Featured Listing (Short Term Listing)
A special ‘Stand Alone’ 30 day listing in the ‘Featured’ position on category pages.
‘Featured’ listings above other listings in search results. (‘Featured’ does not mean you will always appear first if there are other featured listings)
This listing includes the Premium listing options.
30 Day Charge £10 (Normally £15)