Wellness in Cornwall

Cornwall – Nature’s perfect centre of Wellness

Wellness in Cornwall is about Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Meditation, Relaxation, Complementary Therapies, Peace, Nature.

There is no doubt that Cornwall is the ultimate destination for wellness, from the natural delights of peaceful retreats to the luxuriousness of a full treatment Spa. In fact, the light, views, air and nature are the main reasons that Cornwall has always attracted so many artists over the years. They new that Cornwall was somewhere to come, relax, kick-back and let their imagination run free. It’s that same freedom of mind spirit that will enable you to release all of the stress of modern life when you enjoy a Cornish retreat.

Whether you are seeking a little private meditation for free on a cliff overlooking the beautiful coastline, or wanting to learn to practice mindfulness, one of the world’s fastes growing relaxation techniques. We have it covered here in Cornwall.

Something a little more active? How about some surf yoga or  a land based ashtanga yoga session?

Needing to resolve health/illness issues? Then Cornwall is the perfect place to come to reboot your health. We have everything including nutritional therapy retreats, with healthy cooking lessons, yoga and nutritional consultations.

Just a simple switch off? No problem, with a huge number of Spa hotels and retreat package to choose from, Cornwall is just the place.

And, of course, when you visit Cornwall you can’t fail to notice the absence of car and lorry fumes, the invigorating sea air and the peace. Particularly in spring, autumn and winter, which is also one of the most spectacularly beautiful times to visit.

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